Let me hear you roar!

KOMBO AFRIKA is a quick combination card game, where tactics and fun come together. Surprisingly swift, both to learn and to play, coated in nice comic-based design, tested on humans.
Gather animals into groups, use their special abilities, engage your attention and combine the cards on an ever-changing playing ground.

Who will be the next king of the jungle?

The core of this game is simple: Players build color sets from their cards, mix useful effects and compete for the best score.

KOMBO AFRIKA takes place on a 5 x 5 grid, representing the open savana. It's designed to work without any actual board, which makes it a compact game great for travels. Every player starts off with 5 random cards in hand, which are refilled after each turn. Players place their cards on the board in attempt to gather a party of animals and take them to the jungle.

KOMBO AFRIKA features 48 animal cards, 4 hint cards, printed rules (of course) and a unique set of scoring tokens.

Rules of this game are a few-minute thing. But to reach the level of the best, it takes real skills. The game also has more variants to adjust the difficulty for beginners, or unlock the expert level.

Publishing story

Created in 2011 by Nero as a quick and easy card game going by name Experience: Streetwar (XPSW), this creation traveled a long journey of testing and polishing. KOMBO AFRIKA was published in summer 2019 by Loris Games, our partner from Czech republic and is currently available in shops across Slovakia and Czech republic.
In 2021, the game is being licenced by HUB Games under the name Kombo Klash! and brought to wider audience.

Legacy XPSW game

Kombo Afrika is the final product of a long journey of game design, testing and changes.
Promotional video about the original game created back in 2011, Experience:Streerwar, or XPSW is here: