Koopertívna puzzle hra o líšiacich sa perspektívach
1-5 5-15 min. 7+ Testuje sa...

VIEWPOINTS is a family cooperative puzzle game with focus on 2D to 3D translation, pattern recognition and ability to think outside the box.

Using deduction, empathy and strategic thinking players work together to build a structure out of up to 10 colorful PENTOMINOES. However, the players only know how the structure looks from their perspective and have limited ways to communicate with other players.

Players take turns placing, changing position, rotating and removing pentominoes from a 6x6 grid to finish a structure based on blueprint cards. When the structure is completed from all perspectives the puzzle is solved.

The game brings a set of challenges with increasing difficulty. It can be played solo, or in coop-mode (2-5 players) and it is also very easy to create your own custom challenges and surprise your friends. The game consists of 10 pentomino pieces, challenge blueprint cards (5 per puzzle), 6x6 grid board and a rulebook. For expert players who need a further challenge a round counter can be introduced to limit the number of rounds. Can you finish the structure before the time runs out? For beginners and children that find the game restrictions to limiting we have prepared action tokens that can help them share vital information to finish the structure.

Game has been in development since 2017. It has gone through full set of testing (including blind tests) with players at UKGE (GB), SPIEL(DE) and Spellenspektakel (NL) had the opportunity to play and enjoy the game. We are looking for publishers - for more details contact Roman at