Creative gaming in small packages.

We are an indie board/card game developer workshop, based in Slovakia. We develop, test and design our own game prototypes since 2009.

Our published games

Kombo KlashNero

2-4 30 min. 9+ en
Wildly clever card game of crazy combos

Kombo AfrikaNero

2-4 30 min. 9+ en/sk/cz
Colorful safari card game

Flow: Untamed RiversNero

2-4 15-30 min. 7+ en
Connecting rivers of Amazon to claim the greatest territory

Fatal ArenaNero

2-4 15 min. 11+ sk
Fast but fateful fantasy battle game


2-6 20-40 min. 11+ en
Furious brawler with all kinds of undead

Úplně MimoRoman

3-8 30 min. 18+ cz
Crazy party game of weird questions and even weirder answers
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What we do

We specialize mostly in compact card games of varying difficulty, game systems and flavors. Our designs strive to be as easy as possible, while keeping them engaging and exciting to various group of players.
On top of that, we are interested in abstract, experimental and educational games, involving dexterity, communication and senses.


These are publishers of our games and companies that have been helping us achiveve our dreams. To all companies listed here, thank you for making our ideas reach the world.

If you want to join this list, see our prototypes currently looking for publishers.